5 Laws of Stratospheric Success

Do you believe that “Success leaves Clues”? I read that from a book authored by Bob Burg and John D Mann, The GO GIVER which was written in 2007. Giving is not a strategy, it’s a way of life – Bob Burg

1. The Law of Value
2. The Law of Compensation
3. The Law of Influence
4. The Law of Authenticity
5. The law of Receptivity

Law # 1: The Law of Value

“Our true worth is determined by how much more we give in value than we take in payment.”

If you want more money to come into your life, then focus on helping more people. Give more value than expected. Give more value than anyone else is giving. Be it is a start-up flower shop, food stand, or professional service business you are into, always give value and the money will follow.

Law # 2: The Law of Compensation

“Your income is determined by how many people you served and how well you served them.”

Meet Nicole in The Go-Giver. Her conference room looked like a children’s daycare center with easels, paints, clay, paper, and crayons. Nicole turned her teaching skills into a platform to train business leaders by using messy children’s activities.
She taught them to tap into the creative learning that worked so well in her classroom. Then she partnered with a computer expert. They took her training beyond the office by creating an online program. This allowed her to scale up to reach millions of customers, while still giving exceptional value.
Nicole created leverage to increase her compensation. Because the more lives you touch, the more money you will make.

Law # 3: The Law of Influence

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first”

Joe is faced with losing a big account because he can’t deliver what they need. Faced with this failure, Joe finds himself calling an arch-rival who could serve that account better. To Joe’s surprise, that same rival called him later, asking for help on a huge project. Joe ultimately landed the biggest deal of his life, now in partnership with that rival, all from putting other’s needs first.
Think about how you can focus on helping your customers get what they really need, not just what you’re selling.
Find ways to connect people to other people and resources, whether or not those resources come from you.
Like throwing a pebble in a lake, you will create widening circles of influence.

As you give more value to more people who want what you offer, your success multiplies. Place their interests above your own. Treat every lead like a VIP.

Law # 4: The Law of Authenticity

“Instead of trying ineffectively to use all the selling techniques you’ve been taught, consider that the most valuable skill you have to offer is yourself, who YOU are. In other words, get real.”

Joe was sent to hear a speech by a famous real estate broker. She had been failing dismally as she slavishly followed all the selling techniques she’d been taught.

She was ready to give up. She needed to earn money and had not made a single sale in two years. She decided to keep her appointment with one last client. She had nothing to lose, so she let go of all the rules, relaxed, got to know the client, had fun…and got the sale. Her career exploded after that. She stopped pretending to be someone other than herself. She got real.

People are less interested in the system, the training or even your company’s product or service than their perception of what you bring to the table. How much more effective can you be by just being yourself?
People buy YOU first, and then your company, product, or service.

Stop trying to mimic a mentor. You’ve got to be true to yourself and share that. Ultimately you have to find your own voice. Being real will attract those people who will resonate with you, who connect with you.

Law # 5: The Law of Receptivity

“The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.”

Joe had to find ways each day to implement the laws he was given one by one. On the last day, he had to integrate those laws and really receive the assistance he’d been given.

Are you willing to be open and receptive to all the gifts in your life? Are you willing to accept abundance, to receive money? It might sound strange, but many people have negative emotions surrounding receiving compensation.
Many of us grew up hearing that “it is better to give than to receive,” which blocks the flow of giving if you aren’t also able to receive.

Be aware of what holds you back from receiving. Allow yourself to be open and willing to receive—for many, this is perhaps the most critical law to invite into your life.

The Laws say to give more value; help as many people as possible, be real, and keep the flow open between giving and receiving like breathing and breathing out.

In my opinion, knowing these Laws is not enough. The theory is one thing, implementation is another. These Laws are Good to Know but is Best when Applied.

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