Steps to Boost Your Self Confidence

When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around with people who don’t

Photo by Hamid Tajik from Pexels

One of the things that have hindered us in reaching our goals is fear and lack of self-confidence. Each one of us holds a belief to ourselves and it plays a huge contribution in shaping our lives. This belief could be from your belief in talking publicly, belief in leading a team, belief in learning a new skill, and the list can go on.

According to William James, the reason that so many people never fulfill their potential is not a lack of intelligence, opportunity, or resources, but a lack of belief in themselves. Or put another way, too little self-confidence.

Without it you can do little, with it you can do anything!

Here are some insights you might want to take if you are looking for success to work for you. Pick an insight into which you are comfortable. Hope to see more self-confident individuals!

  • Exercise. This is one of the most underrated steps in achieving self-confidence. Little we know that when we exercise our body releases chemicals called endorphins which then interacts with the receptors of our brain and reduces the perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body which is similar to morphine.

  • Do the things that you have been setting aside. What are the things that you have been wanting to do but keep procrastinating it? The more you slack off and set it aside, the higher the chance you miss it and chances are you might feel regret of seeing it undone.

  • Feed your mind with more positive thoughts. Your brain is your strongest muscle so train it well. Allowing more positive thoughts helps us feel good, and feeling good radiates to everything we do and how we interact with what happens to us.

  • Be hygienic. Being sanitary creates a positive impact on our daily living. People who are hygienic tend to be more focused, efficient, and happier compared to people who are not. Plus this would help us from catching diseases which would save us more money in the long run.

  • Eat good & feel great. Eating a healthy balanced diet boosts self-confidence and the immune system. It would help us feel great about ourselves knowing that we are eating for our betterment and not just for mere satisfaction.

  • Love yourself more. Do NOT hesitate to walk away from toxic individuals. Be it a family member or a friend, a partner, or a coworker. No one deserves our sanity, and if they are indeed what is mentioned above, then they won’t allow it to happen to us. Remember that what happens to us is because we allow it to happen.

Losing someone who does not respect you is not a loss. It is actually a Gain.


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