Love over Fear

You can rise above anything if you choose LOVE over fear.

But there’s a catch, How do you choose love when love is what you have lost?

I have been seeing this famous line recently across the internet and I started to question myself too about it.

My answer to the question above is there is another love within us and that is one of the most powerful kinds of love, it is called self-love. So, how to choose it?

  • Contemplate. It is okay to grieve on what we have lost but it is never okay to keep living in the past for this will set you on a negative track. We all need to feel these negative emotions somehow for us to process and learn how to deal with it when it happens again, yes it will happen again for it is part of our life.

  • Be grateful. Think about what you have rather than what you don’t have. Be thankful for the problems that you don’t have. No matter what situation you are in as long as you are alive, there is still something good, and some other days you just have to look for it harder. Like; you still have yourself, you still have your family, you still have your friends, you still have a job – even if its not your dream job still you got one. Be thankful for the small things and you will be amazed at how much you have.

  • Chances & Possibilities. As the saying goes “We are always given a second chance, and that is called tomorrow.” Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Have a dream and work hard for it. DO what you love and what you have been putting aside, who knows what possibility have in store for you. Give yourself a chance to be alive again, after all, what is living if you don’t feel alive and the good thing is it is your choice.

  • Be Mindful. Living in the present does not mean forgetting the past, it is simply putting the past behind and focus on what is NOW. Forgive those who have wronged you. Cherish every moment before it becomes a memory. It will help you ease your thoughts if you practice focusing on the present. Let go of what has happened, there’s nothing you can do about it, focus on what CAN you do moving forward. Sulking will only make you feel worse, instead, try doing positive self-talk. If you keep living in the past you will be missing a lot in the present.

    Positivity radiates. If you want a positive environment, you yourself must be positive first. The more you focus on the good the better your life gets. Make peace with your past and stop living in it, move forward. Think good thoughts and work on how you can better yourself and your life. If you don’t take care and love yourself, who else will?

    You may have lost all kinds of love in the world but never ever lose your love to yourself and that is the only love that you have control over.

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